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Today, I had the top score (235-1X) at our local USBR 50 yard benchrest match using the following:

Ruger 77/22 VBZ (only mod is a trigger job performed by a local smith)
Weaver T-36
SK Std Plus

I own an Anschutz 1710, five CZ 452s, a Kimber Hunter, a Remington 541-THB, etc. and have shot them all extensively for years. What I have learned is that it is best not to generalize about models and manufacturers these days. My Ruger is shooting write up there with the best of these. A year ago when we started shooting the USBR rimfire matches, I thought it would be a no brainer "grab the Anschutz and some quality ammo and go win". That has not been the case. Check out these diverse rifles and scores from today's match:

May 17th USBR Match Results from the North Alabama Shooting Association, Inc (Sheffield, AL)
29 scores were posted today at our BR match by 19 different shooters. The weather was marvelous.

Score (possible 250-25X) Shooter's Name Rifle Scope Ammo

Unlimited Class (just that - unlimited)
226-2X Tony Gilmore Suhl Weaver V-24 Federal Gold Metal
225-1X Barry Holmes Winchest 52 Weaver T-36 SK Pistol Match
219-1X Jack Belew H&R Model 12 Tasco Eley
193-3X Dwight Pilkilton Anschutz BSA 36X44 Federal Gold

Custom Class (like unlimted except for the rule that the rifle can't weigh over 10.5 lbs)

235-1X Danny Creasy Ruger 77/22 VBZ Weaver T-36 SK Std Plus
231-3X David King CZ 452 Ultra Lux Tasco Wolf MT
227-4X Barry Holmes CZ 452 Varmint Redfield SK Std Plus
223-3X Tim Blacklidge Ruger 10/22 Target Leupold Wolf MT
216-1X Charlie Seifried Anschutz 1808 M Nikon 6-18 Lapua

Sporter Class (factory sporter weighing no more than 8.5 lbs)

229-1X Tim Blacklidge CZ Varmint BSA Lapua
225-2X Danny Creasy Kimber Hunter BSA 36X44 Fiocchi 340 Biathlon
213-1X Tony Gilmore Savage Mk II Tasco Federal Gold Metal
213-1X Willie Rhodes CZ 452 American Barska 8-36X42 SK Std Plus
210-2X Paul Enlow Biathlon Basic Swift 6-24X50 Aguila Std Velocity
209-0X Barry Holmes Browning A-Bolt Leupold Vari-X III 4.5-14 SK Pistol Match
209-0X Dwight Pilkilton Biathlon Basic Swift Weaver V-16 Wolf MT
202-1X Richard Strickland Biathlon Basic Swift 6-24X50 Aguila Std Plus
200-2X Charlie Seigfried Mauser Leupold Lapua
194-0X Jon Stratton Remington Model 5 Nikon fixed 4X40 Remington Sub Sonic
174-1X David King CZ 452 pecial Nikon Monarch 3-9 SK Std Plus
174-0X Peary Willard Kimber 82 Leupold Federal Champion Standard

Fun Sub-Matches
2-Buck-A-Box (ammunition must cost no more than $2.00 a box at current retail)

216-0X Tony Gilmore Suhl Weaver V-24 Federal Champion
214-0X Dwight Pilkilton Anschutz BSA 36X44 Aguila CMP
194-0X Danny Creasy CZ 452 American Swift 6-18X44 Aguila CMP
191-1X Jon Stratton Savage Mk II Tasco Federal Champion
187-2X Barry Holmes Remington 504 Bushnell Banner 4-12 Federal Auto Match
183-0X Peary Willard Savage Mk II Barska 6.5X20 Federal Champion Standard

Semi-Auto (any semi-auto shooting .22 long rifle ammunition)
209-1X Willie Rhodes Ruger 10/22 T BSA Sweet 22 SK Std Plus
205-2X Keith McBrayer Remington 597 Barska 6-24 Aguila Std Velocity

Please try to go to a range or shop and handle or better yet try to shoot some of these models if at all possible.

Good luck man,

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