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Having searched on the M1 Carbine and fail to return to battery, I found that there has been a history of Carbines not liking grease. So, I removed all the G.I. surplus grease I and lubed the rails, etc., with and replaced it with CLP. I took the Carbine out to my shooting bench (inside a yard barn), and shot 25 rounds. Seems that I do not really need a new recoil spring...just replacing the G.I. grease with CLP oil solved the problem. Full function restored.

As an aside, I did an internet search on the magazine codes I have on my ten 15-round and my one 30 Round magazine. Seems they all are U.S.G.I. by several different makers. And wow! The price of those things now! It is a good thing I have enough...I could not afford to buy real U.S.G.I. mags now.
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