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To put this into remotely realistic terms......

After an event like one of the hurricanes, you have a small group of looters coming towards you.

1st at a 100 yards, unless they have opened fire on you it's pretty much cold blooded murder no matter their intentions. Murder bad. Mmmkay.

2nd assuming they have opened up/popped some rounds off I would argue returning fire with anything accurate enough to hit or even come close enough for one or more to realize that bullets fly both ways will end said confrontation PDQ as the vast majority of people will immediately think of hundreds of chores they forgot to do and quickly leave to do them.

3rd if you have peeved a cartel who has sent a death squad after you.....well that's probably on you and your choice of weapon will not matter.

So AR/Bolt action/thutty thutty/hell I would bet a decent .22 rifle would do you fine.

But hey if you want to go all mad max buttless chaps and Mohawks then I will say AR15, heavy barrel, beta c mag and something for style points like a BFR in .45-70 scoped.
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