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Sounds like the subject at hand is Limits of Liability. Most General Liability insurance will have an "Occurrence" limit of $1,000,000., with a General Aggregate limit of $2,000,000. Some carriers will allow for the $2,000,000 occurrence and a $4,000,000. aggregate.

Occurrence = one single claim
Aggregate = sum of all claims in a given policy period

A business could opt to purchase an Umbrella policy that goes over the General Liability, and that would kick in once the underlying limits are exhausted.

How much the policy costs will vary by company, since most carriers designate shooting ranges as 'prohibited' in their guidelines.

Liability insurance on a shooting range likely would exclude causes of loss such as the ranges customers shooting other people. It typically covers things like slip/fall, general safety hazards.

That long list of safety rules most people ignore because they "know all about gun safety" is meant to keep premiums down.
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