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@Foghorn: I think you hit it in your post #3.

Just to satisfy my curiousity, I checked the gap between the cylinder rear and the breech face (loaded) on my S&W model 24, .44 special. The gap was a consistent .008. I was surprised at how uniform the rim thicknesses were on the cartridges. If your .005 gauge won't go, then that means you cartridge-breech face gap is even less. It wouldn't take much of a spent primer protrusion to lock your redhawk up on the backside.

At the front, my model 24, cylinder to barrel gap was .005. The headspace setting shim for my dan wesson is .006. So if your .005 wouldn't go in the front, then you gap is less. A couple of decades ago, I remember some dan wesson users, shooting silhouettes, would gap the barrel/cylinder at .003. It didn't take too many rounds to heat things up to the point of the barrel and cylinder just scraping and "kissing" each other. Also, I think I remember reading somewhere that the acceptable barrel/cylinder gap has a range of .004 to .010.

So I think your theory may be right. Miss Prissy's son (and Warner Bros.) would be proud of you. Unfortunately I don't see any solution other than ruger or someone with a precision lathe, facing off the rear of the cylinder a few thousandths.

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