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This is one area where gun laws have gotten BETTER!

When California's discretionary CCW "system" was put in place in 1923, it included a ban on giving permits to non-citizens.

But much worse was that the penalties for illegally packing if you were a LEGAL alien resident were the same as for a native-born previously convicted FELON even if the alien resident had no criminal history.

Both of these provisions have been stripped from the Penal Codes. The area of the penal codes that cover the penalties for illegal packing have since migrated to different section numbers than the CCW issuance rules but they were both created at the same time under just one act in 1923.

This will become a major issue in my lawsuit against my Sheriff's discretionary practices currently underway in Federal court in San Francisco. Under US Supreme Court precedent, a law can be thrown off of the books if it has both a racist past and a current racial pattern of enforcement. Proving these is easy and factoring in that the state courts have already gutted two other bits of racism from this same law is just icing on the diseased cake.

The last bit of course is the discretionary elements in issuance. I'm gonna kill it off.

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