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No Xenophobia Here!

I believe firearms ownership and the right to vote in our country serve as a powerful incentive to those who enter our country on temporary work visas to become citizens.

I have worked with many people over the years that are here on H1 visas. Most of them have been from India. Most have been good people who I would like to see become citizens.
Some have expressed a strong desire to become citizens. Others wanted to make a quick buck and get out of Dodge to return to their homeland.

Currently, the laws on H1 entries makes it a difficult, lengthy process for them to become citizens. Their sponsors get rich off their labors and they get paid crap. I work with 6 of them right now. While their sponsors bill the client comparable rates to what I charge, they pay their people 1/3 of what I make after expenses. This is legal to do, too. As long as the client sees the same charges from citizen versus H1 labor the feds don't care. Hewlett Packard and Microsoft got reamed a few years ago because of the pay disparity and slick willie got the rules changed.

The laws affecting H1 entries is rigged against the folks coming over here and makes their sponsors VERY wealthy.

I would like to see those in the engineering fields eligible for expedited citizenship to put an end to this disparity.
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