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That laser attached via tape or as an integral part of your grips, will teach you things about your trigger manipulation, and to a degree, your grip uniformity that are difficult to learn in any other way. Extensive dry firing from the leather is the key.

By way of example, I taught a friend's wife the basics of revolver DA shooting in just about an hour with a set of Crimson Trace's on her Smith M637. She went from holding the unloaded gun like a dead rat, to a fairly accomplished DA shooter in short order. We used .38 Spl wadcutters for the introduction with a fair amount of time just dry firing first. It was an eye-opener for me...truth be told.

She was motivated by an attempted home invasion that she successfully thwarted by slamming the door in his face. Later he was apprehended AFTER attacking a neighbor. Her political stance vis-a-vis the NRA and all things gun related changed abruptly.

YMMv, Rod
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