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Originally Posted by OhioGuy View Post
Haha, real shooting huh? As someone who routinely shoots semi-autos with red dot sights, I'm clearly not in Kansas anymore.

I picked up the J frame last night and put 50 inaugural rounds through it. I already shoot it much better than any pocket .380.
That was my experience too. I actually picked up my first snub earlier, shot reasonably well with it. Then bought an LCP. Found that just wasn't as much fun to shoot, decided I'd rather have 5 of .38 than 6 of .380, and went back to the Taurus 605.

I've read that the Crimson Trace laser grips are kinda chintzy feeling plastic.
I have 2, both larger grips, one for the Taurus small frame and one for the j-frame. Both acquired in the last 6 months. Love them. Maybe the smallest size boot grip is plasticy. These are not. Rubber, quite pleasant to use, even without the laser. And using the laser, I can make good hits quite a bit further out than with the iron sights.

Ignoring color differences in the grip and laser, CT has, I think, 4 different j-frame options.

Your Mileage May Vary. I have pretty big hands.

I've held the Hogue grips before, super comfortable but much larger and seem to negate the super concealability of the small revolver.
I like larger grips, but never cared much for the Hogue rubber grips. Just always found something else I like better. Right now, the above mentioned Crimson Trace grips.

I would be open to lightening the trigger pull.
Shoot it a bunch, dry fire the crap out of it, before you muck with the trigger.

will definitely put a coin on the top rail and practice the trigger squeeze.
"Meh." (Lasergrip helps a lot with this. Just keep the dot steady.)

I will also have to learn how to draw and present without automatically taking a semi-auto support hand position, as I really don't want to burn my hand!
You'll get used to it.
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