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Haha, real shooting huh? As someone who routinely shoots semi-autos with red dot sights, I'm clearly not in Kansas anymore.

I picked up the J frame last night and put 50 inaugural rounds through it. I already shoot it much better than any pocket .380. Between the short grip, stiff trigger and tiny sights I have a definite tendency to hit high with it, obviously my wrist is breaking as I'm completing the pull. Was much worse toward the end and I could tell my finger was getting tired! Even with some orange paint, the sights don't qualify as sights vs. what I'm used to.

I've read that the Crimson Trace laser grips are kinda chintzy feeling plastic.

I've held the Hogue grips before, super comfortable but much larger and seem to negate the super concealability of the small revolver. I would be open to lightening the trigger pull.

I will definitely put a coin on the top rail and practice the trigger squeeze.

I will also have to learn how to draw and present without automatically taking a semi-auto support hand position, as I really don't want to burn my hand!
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