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I sent them the following email, just for giggles:


A few of things...

1)The images on your front page, of the "bullets" (actually cartridges) are in fact rifle rounds. They would not be fired from a handgun, as in your picture.

2)"Manufacturers" do not pick up shell casings and reload them. There are a few commercial reloading operations in the USA but by FAR, most manufacturers use new, never fired brass.

3)Reloaders are generally not criminals nor soldiers. Criminals buy new ammo, soldiers are issued ammo. In other words, the brass you pick up would have never be in the hands of criminals anyway.

4)The percentage of ammo, in the USA, that is ever used in any sort of crime is vanishingly small. Tens of millions of rounds are manufactured on an annual basis. The percentage of those used in crime is so small as to be essentially immeasurable. The percentage of THOSE that are reloads is, for all intents and purposes, zero.

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