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Well, the gun show is this weekend and Im really no further figuring out which way to go. (my fault not any of youres!!)

I WANT the 226 but common sense kinda leans me towards the 228 being the one I NEED. Carry wise ya know! I guess thats what Im gonna go looking for (hopefully I can find one after all the thinkin!) Im sure I wont be to dissapointed either way I coulda went but logic says I should give the 228 a fair shake. It feels the same as the 226 just a bit smaller, and lighter so I should shoot it O.K.

Thanks to all who responded for the help!!!! Gotta love this forum

For the next discussion......when I do get a 228 what should I shoot out of it for SD.... Gold dots or Triton High-Vel's........Im leaning towards the Gold dots...... (I gues everything is complicated!)
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