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Sig carry questions (first post)

Hi all, Hopefully Im posting this in the right forum. It has alot to do with two specific autos, but its more about the reasons of one or the other for "tactical" reasons.

Here's my dilemma, I have had a Sig 226 several times now, its the gun I keep going back to.... it just fits. Taxes came back and now its time for me to aquire another carry piece, as my wife has gotten her permit of lately and will be inheriting my Glock-19 (she loves it).

Iv convinced myself that I should give the 228 a try because I need this to be a CCW. I used the 226 for this before. HK , Glock, and Sig are the brands I trust to this chore, I shoot them all well so Im going with Sig based on "feel" (And the SWWEEEEEEEEEET!!!! factor )

........AAAAAANNNYYYYWAY having a hard time explaining this exactly...
I guess the question is... since the 228 is only a BIT shorter in the slide (the lesser of worries) and a VERY BIT shorter in height (the REAL concealment issue, yeah??) and slightly less in the weight department, AND since I'll probably have to dress around it much like the full size, Why shouldnt I go with the old trusty 226 again, and just keep the thing this time?? Of course that BIT Height Weight and length add up to a tad more comfortable to carry. Seems either way has sufficient reasons to go with it, and I see the viablness of each.

Seems the little extra weight, and sight radius of the 226 would pay off by being a little more accurate, and help with more rapid follow up shots.

Is there some reasons of one over the other for this? Ive been going back and forth in my head with this and I just cant think of anything to sway one way or the other and ive wore out my Wife talking about it..... Any thoughts.....??

ps Pretty long winded for a first post eh?
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