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Well, this is why the great majority of businesses won't allow CCW at work. I understand that but the fact remains that unless the employer insures (to a reasonable degree) that disarmament is enforced OR takes other measures to protect the employees from harm in the way of the OP then the rule is immoral.

What the companies are saying is; You can't carry and we only have to protect you against stuff the law (not reality) requires. Since we can't predict crime you can't sue us if you are the victim of it while at work but we won't allow you to carry either. Immoral

Now as to lawsuits. I am sure that had a lawsuit been filed by the crook he would have included Mr. Cothran and all CCW holders are financially responsible for every bullet they fire. So, that is already the case.

Insurance companies already cover businesses for negligent acts committed by employees so that could extend to CCW too. But since the law doesn't require it the companies avoid the extra cost and leave us hanging.

Kind of like when Tucker made his care and had seat belts. The Big 4 said "well, it isn't required so we won't do it".
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