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Originally Posted by rajbcpa
my local GS have not had SPP since August 2012!

Internet cites are out too..... very bad now.

start another hobbie for a year or so.... hopefully the pols will still let you do this when suppliers have inventory once again...

i live in ny and we will need background checks for this stuff soon.... no internet sales of ammo either....UHG!
According to the SAFE law hotline, the new law does NOT affect reloaders and we can continue to order components just as we always have. Loaded ammunition sales on the other hand must be completed in person and a background check must be done and the sale reported to the State Police. If the law doesn't get struck down by the courts that is. Call 1(855)Law-Guns to verify the info for yourself.

Back on topic, I've got a powder order in with Powder Valley (placed 1/22) and it won't ship until 2/22. As of yesterday the were processing orders from 1/7. Had to order H335 in 1lb cans, no 8lb jugs but at least I was able to get an order in. Need to check my primer stash and see what I've got left, probably no where near enough, oh well I'll get some eventually.

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