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You don't need to start on a single stage.../ you can learn very safely on a good progressive machine - especially if you have a mentor in your area to give you a few hints - or by relying on good customer support like Dillon provides on their machines.

Every progressive machine can virtually be used as if it were a single stage ...helping you go thru what each die ..and each step does on the machine.

We used to use slide rules too - before we had scientific calculators in the early 70's ....but I doubt that people go thru slide rule classes like we did in the early 70's before we had those calculators.../ and the Fortran IV punch cards that some of us stayed in our computer labs forever - going thru our programs ..vs today with Windows 7 or whatever you choose to use...

I have a grandson that is studying to be a chemist...and he doesn't have to do it like we did it, in the late 60's ( he has some new tools )...
Reloading is no different...I used single stages in the 50's and 60's when I started reloading at my grandpa's bench..../ but this morning, at my bench, I easily loaded about 500 rds of 9mm on my Dillon 650 with a about 40 minutes...( I'm not going back to a rockchucker anytime soon ...or slide rules...)....heck I even use hydraulic MEC loaders for my shotshells too...
and cops used to carry whistles....but they might have sophisticated communications equipment now ...or even cell phones...

and my uncle carried a revolver as a sheriff in the 50's and 60's ...becuase you can't trust those semi-auto handguns he carried in WWII / and 1911's don't jam every time you shoot them now....etc...etc....
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