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Having a mechanical aptitude certainly does help. It may not be a requirement but people who have mechanical aptitude, already have attention to detail, an appreciation for good tooling, and troubleshooting skills if a problem crops up. People with mechanical aptitude can make Lee equipment work, lol. That's a joke, not trying to start a Lee war or upset anyone.

You should start with a single stage press. You can load 200 rounds in about 4 hours from scratch. You will learn procedure better and cheaper beginning this way. You will never outgrow a single stage press, they're just too useful. I like green but take your pick. I started single stage, bought a Dillon 550B, then another 550B and what happened with me was that I gravitated to only loading two calibers on the 550B which I shot the most of. I sold off the the extra caliber conversions and went back to the single stage for all but the two calibers. I just like the greater control of the single stage over the progressive and I am very mechanically inclined. I use the single stage more than ever still, and this into my fourth decade of reloading. I;m not saying you have to follow the path I did, only that single stage puts out the best ammo and if you think you may appreciate that, start single stage. BTW, I can load about 3 to 4 hundred per hour on the 550's FYI. A comfortable speed and not hurrying.
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