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I'm in conversations with people who despise the current president and will absolutely in now way vote for him. They, while basically lovers of freedom refused to vote for him the first time and voted for his position instead. It's these types of conversations that pretty much remove any doubt that we would willingly give up our rights, because candidate A or B is imperfect. It never fails. The left will vote with the left 120% of the time and the right will do a two or three party split, because perfection has not been found. 1A is already gone, where people said it would never be so. 2A will be lost via a public who looks for a savior, and the other rights will mean nothing. I came from a country where everything was lost overnight. Everyone said it wouldn't happen there either. We've all lost sight of the big picture and the greater good, so selling out is just the natural progression of things. Biden an Beto will be the least of our problems.
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