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So far every presidential candidate that has run on a gun control platform has lost.
Obama won. Twice. Gun control was part of the Democratic party "planks" then, too. The main difference is that Obama (and his people) didn't push it, or focus on it as one of their main issues.

Not pushing it hard, keeping it off the front page and just slipping it in when and where they saw a chance kept the main focus off it, and them doing it.

We were so sure he would push it, and come after our guns with everything he had, if elected, created the first wave of "panic buying", and shortages due to that. And then, he didn't. Could have, certainly some of his party wanted him to do more, but he didn't, and it was one of the smartest political moves he ever made.

today's candidates either can't understand that lesson, or simply don't care.

Biden is boasting how he will "go after" the gun makers, because they "can't be sued", unlike every other manufacturer. And, as usual, he's got that wrong. Again. Gun makers CAN be sued, just like everyone else, IF they make a DEFECTIVE product. What they are specifically protected against is being sued if some 3rd party breaks the law using their product.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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