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It just might clear up the ambiguity of whether or not the gun control folk are going to take our guns away.
It was ambiguous?????? to WHOM??

I think "Hell yes we're going to take your ARs and AKs!!" was pretty clear. I found the honesty (and public relations stupidity) refreshing. DO note how fast Beto was "yanked off the public stage", after committing the unpardonable sin of openly admitting their goals in public, ON THE RECORD.

Was it three whole days, or only two before he "withdrew" his candidacy? Don't think it was any longer than that.

In the sense of the enemy being out in the open (at last) him being named to head the antigun effort is a good thing. In the sense that he has nothing to lose politically (and points to gain with his masters) so there will be little beyond the law holding him back. And we've seen how much good that does...

so in that sense, not so much good there...
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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