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Whatever you did,it worked. Glad you are OK.

Keyboard hindsight certainly can be very well thought out.What may seem obvious from the outside looking in,Its different when you are in the middle of a changing situation.

Without being a critic...I have no criticism,I tend to agree that if a situation looks bad enough for me to get my gun in my hand,I might consider not walking toward the situation. No matter how legit a SD shooting might be,I would not regret surviving,but likely I'd wish I'd chosen as TunnelRat suggested.

Once again,no criticism,my "personal space" would be closer to 20 feet than 5 feet.Even if I have to back up some.

And consider,you had 10,12,and 2 covered. Remember the Three Musketeers? Athos,Porthos,and Demitri ? What about D;Arctanian? (OK,I probably spelled it wrong) Anyway, who was watching 6 oclock? Thug number 4?

What you did worked. Good for you!!
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