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Its been a lot of years since I was stopped but I think if I noticed an officer approaching the car with the gun drawn I would deem it in everyone's best interest to end that traffic stop and leave (while calling 911 to report the situation). Am I drastically out of line on that issue?
I am not a police officer. I do know several well. If a cop has his gun drawn while approaching my car for a traffic stop, I know that he thinks I am a serious threat. I am not, but that is not important in that moment. The last thing in the world to do in this spot is to try to drive away. He then concludeds that as a sworn officer he has a duty to stop a fleeing felon. I am not, but again in that moment, it does not matter. I would be polite and do exactly as told. I would not move a finger until told to do so, at which point I would inform him that I have a CCL and am carrying a pistol AIWB and wait for instructions. There will be plenty of time to take legal action if necessary, after the dust has cleared.

We would not accept that type of behaviour by the police here, if that was the way things were it would be changed.
With all due respect, that sort of simple self-righteous comment really isn't appreciated. There are many here who would use the UK or Europe as an example of how we should be governed. Most of us on this board would strongly disagree. Yes, we have some problems that need attention, just like everywhere else in the world...
"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." Benjamin Franklin
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