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When you are holding the trigger back after your shots, and the slide goes back forward, you have a short travel forward in the trigger until you feel a "click" into the reset...meaning you can fire the pistol again without letting the trigger go all the way forward to its rest position. (the part called a disconnector did its job, so you don't have a full auto weapon) When the slide locks back on an empty mag, and you have the trigger pulled all the way, the trigger isn't forward enough to go into this reset position until the slide goes forward some. (the disconnector is still at work) When you lock back the slide manually, and the trigger has already been reset, the pistol's firing components are "out of battery" with each other, but the trigger rests in this reset position. While pulling the trigger at this point isn't a habit you want to get into, you would probably have to do this many times to put enough undue stress on the trigger parts to induce breakage. (yes, I am a Glock Armorer)
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