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In this circumstance that you describe ( close enough to practically slap) and considering that a drawn weapon typically moves upward , I could be mistaken but you are seemingly suggesting that a person forego the near universal target zone and continue upward to what seems to be considered a "better" target zone.
No, fireforged. Only suggesting you better move on up to the head quickly if you don’t want to be a corpse laying there alongside your assailant.

There is a lot of thanking and honoring going on here over the death of forum members from not following your advice. I guess we should be thankful for your oracle like abilities.
You sir, tunnelrat, are quite welcome.

The idea of the "headshot" being this instant kill is probably overblown.
Indeed, Lohman. But not more overblown then the assumption that chest shots are going go immediately stop your assailant.

Get a shot off fast. This upsets him long enough to let you
make your second shot perfect.
Right on, Aarond. You nailed it.

But any one can pick up Jeff Cooper, Bill Jordan, Massad Ayoob, Andy Stanford, Charles Askins, Ken Hackathorn, Farnham, Applegate and Sykes and many others, and read what they emphasize and what they did/ and do, and taught. These are the old timers I was thinking of.
So tupac, it would probably surprise you if you found out that in the scenario I’ve described they would agree with me? You wouldn’t, like, poop your britches over such a revelation and take the walk of shame, would you?

Soooo... Not to throw a monkey wrench into the equation, but if someone is at contact distance, do you actually try and draw your weapon, or do you grapple for the gun? I know it would be based on your attacker's distance from you, your own physical capabilities and training, and your attacker's perceived physical capabilities.
That is an EXCELLENT question, Stephen. And it is only one that can generally be answered at the time of the attack. My response is to immediately deflect with my free hand and start going to work with my firearm. Or to start going to work with my firearm and in that scenario I’m probably going to be going first for the brain because I know I HAVE TO or I’m almost certainly dead.

In a way guns are kinda like karate. The best way to prevent getting shot is "don't be there" where they are shooting.
And another right on, Jack. You also nailed it.
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