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Soooo... Not to throw a monkey wrench into the equation, but if someone is at contact distance, do you actually try and draw your weapon, or do you grapple for the gun? I know it would be based on your attacker's distance from you, your own physical capabilities and training, and your attacker's perceived physical capabilities.

Frankly, I think drawing on a drawn gun is going to be a losing proposition even if you are a very fast draw. If someone got close enough to me with a drawn weapon, I would most likely comply and look for an opportunity. Be careful not to project your intentions by sizing them up. If I was to resist, I'd go for the throat (literally). You can't breath, it's going to be hard to fight. Follow it up with eye gouges and elbows. If the opportunity doesn't present itself, comply until there is a chance or until compliance no longer seems the safest option.
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