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Those types of guns are what I was referring too, a shotgun originally with only a pistol grip. I myself wouldn't take the plunge to venture into risking it. Current law says it's legal, how long will it be that way? It's only legal because of basically a technicality. And removing a pistol grip to add a stock just seems like it may erase the gray area. Haven't you converted it to a legal shotgun but now with a short barrel. I know with hamdguns/rifles (except a select few) you can't convert a rifle to a pistol. And if you convert a handgun to a rifle it's permanently legally a rifle. So if you have a pistol grip 12 gauge and put a shouldar stock on it and cut the barrel down I don't see how it's not a SBS. The technicality allows pistol grips and the overal length what, 26 inches? Or is there a minimum length? Plus shooting that short of a shotgun while hunting is going to be rough on your ears. Regardless if the federal government saying it's legal, does the average cop know? Let's say you get pulled over and it's in the trunk of your car or next to you in your truck. The cop will probably ask if you have a weapon in one of several questions you'll be asked repeatedly. When they see what would normally be a SBS in your trunk, how will they react? You might get a get out of jail free card but who says you won't spend the night there while they figure it out. I know I'm paranoid but it's a realistic situation.

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