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Taurus Rossi did try to make a 28 gauge Judge, didn't work. Although for months they had it as coming soon on their site. They had a picture so atleast one was produced. After that they did offer it as a Circuit Judge.

I think your only option for your idea is have a custom shotgun built. My understanding there's currently a gray area for aow with the pistol grip shotgun. So if you don't like the factory versions I'm sure there's someone out there than make you a gun to fit under the current law. Or you can just buy one of several .45/.410 guns out there. With that logic though, if you want bigger than .410 you can make your own. Grab something chambered in .500 s&w and I'm sure there's someway of making your own shot shells. The simplest approach is to get a regular shotgun and cut it down to as as short as the law allows. How compact does it need to be to hunt with?

For the record, lots of guns can be a pistol if they originally had a less than 14 imch barrel and no shouldar stock. ARs, AKs, and countless single shots fall into that catagory. Shotguns do not however, unless it is chambered for a bullet and 1/2 inch and smaller. As popular as the Judge was/is Taurus/Rossi probably could've created a shotgun version of .500 s&w and made a few bucks. They already designed the raging judge for .454, they could've made it .500 instead. I'm just hoping and waiting on a raging circuit judge in .454, very simple step to make and would be a great deer gun.
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