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Originally Posted by mr bolo View Post
the young people rather get a new tattoo or car, they dont care about your guns.

the young people of today want to ban firearms and want to destroy the 2nd amendment.
Do you have any proof or statistics that point that way, or is it just a WAG on your part?

FME, I see just as many old coots, who have owned guns for over half a century, demanding magazine capacities and UBCs, as I see younger folks. When on those rare times I go to a public range, I see more young folks with high capacity weapons than old farts....and most of the guns those young folks have are newer. I see just many more middle age to old folks getting brand new cars as I see young folks. As for tattoos, ever been to a major bike rally and seen all the Baby-boomer Harley riders? What other folks have for priorities and spending their monies should not matter. Don't make them anti 2nd just because they don't spend all their monies on guns. General, belittling statements like the above do nothing to help our cause. Instead they give an overall negative image to gun owners, even those of us who are more open minded.
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