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Originally Posted by jimbob86 View Post
I see some of the local usual suspects- community activists- constantly harping about how we NEED to expand bus routes, add light rail, etc ..... when the public largely doesn't want to ride the busses that we have- they just don't want to ride the bus.
The busses that never run on schedule or the way their routes are add an extra 30 or 60 minutes to your commute?

Yeah, the bus may work for people in sectors that pay low wages because that's the reason that transportation service exists, but for people with higher paying jobs, jobs where you are expected to work overtime on demand with little notice, Saturday, etc. you need a car.

And cars are becoming outrageous not just in initial price, but their low quality after 3 or 5 years, as is the price of replacing sensors that are damaged in accidents or fail.

I'm very hesitant to let my car go because it's one of the last sedans made with an all cast iron engine that was designed in the 80s (back when stuff worked and lasted) and isn't full of sensors. Heck, my car doesn't even have anti lock brakes and I haven't had an accident due to the brakes locking up.

Not too mention those CVT transmissions sound like they're all defective even when brand new. Put 60k miles on them and you'll be lucky if they last another 10k miles.
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