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I may be the youngest guy on this forum, turn 30 next year, and money is the big factor for people my age and younger.
This is easy to forget several decades later. As you age, your income may increase, but you also may daunting liabilities that leave you nostalgic for the good old days when student loans, rent and a car were the big bills.

In fact, if you've just emerged from student poverty to post graduate poverty, $700 for a single gun and some ammunition looks like a huge outlay.

The other part of this is sociological in that a young fellow may have dozens of "friends" and better things to do with his time. One's horizon's can be very broad at that stage. This may contrast with a fellow whose life has been absorbed into career and family, but maintains a hobby and its associated acquaintances. For some it's golf, or cars, or stamp collecting. When your passion and escape from the grind aren't interrupted by calls about a party at X's place in a half hour, that hobby can see a focus and dedication that would be hard for a younger fellow to maintain.
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