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I may be the youngest guy on this forum, turn 30 next year, and money is the big factor for people my age and younger. When I started working a real job the pay wasn't good at the start and it took a year for the review raise to come and even then it still wasn't spectacular, it was just nice to say I took home $500 after 50-55 hours a week.

Now I make that in almost half the time.

Of my circle of friends or co-workers my age, only two I know own or owned guns, but never shot them because ammo costs money, range time costs money, and they have other interests. To them the guns are for protection, not fun. Even if they wanted to explore the shooting sport and hobby more, they can't afford to or they can and don't have time due to working.

Those I know who can afford it live in states that make owning a gun a PITA and they'd rather buy motor vehicles. For them I think in 10-15 years they will buy a gun, probably a milsurp because of WW2 video games and I will in a vain attempt tell them not to get a $1000 M1 Garand that is heavy and has kick and instead go for the M1 Carbine and 10 shot mags or get something more modern and cheaper, like an SKS without a bayonet.

They'll buy the $1000 Garand and sell it and a box of ammo included for $500 after they get Garand thumb and a bruised shoulder. Then they'll ask me what 9mm to get for $500.

Being in my 20s are there things I missed out on that I could have spent money on that wasn't guns? I'm not a concert goer or spend money on tickets for sports, I don't care about fast cars that are a waste in bumper to bumper traffic, I rarely buy clothes outside of jeans and a few shirts, I have the same $30 cell phone I've had for 5 years, and half the time I drink beer it's Natural Ice or Rolling Rock. The other half the time it's Sam Adams or a craft goodie goodie like Allagash or Southern Tier.

So, I live a cheap lifestyle and don't follow fads with electronics. All people in their 20s have to have the student debt loans, the $800 phone (that they make a monthly payment on *ugh*) with the $50/month unlimited data plan, the $300/month car, the Netflix and Disney Plus subscription, and then they have to buy a bunch of other crap off Amazon.

Oh, and the dog. Can't forget about the dog and all the premium food they need.

Does that mean guns are not in favor with young people? Well, the anti gun ones, sure, but there are pro gun 20 something's out there who just don't have things figured out financially yet.
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