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I have an Argentine 308. The only serious problem I have had was when I tried some of the 308 loads I had loaded up for my 308 bolt rifle.
I use CCI 200 or Wolf LR in my semi auto rifles, I use Remington 91/2 in the 700.
I decided to try the 150 grain SP load in the FN49 and see if they shot alright, on the third pull of the trigger it doubled.
Not an "out of Battery" event or anything, the primer was pierced and backed out , brass was intact ,no bulge or anything. Rifle was fine.
Since then I have duplicated the SP load for the Argentine but with CCI 200 primers. The adjustable gas system sure is nice .
I have given some thought to blocking one of my 10 round mags to 5 round and maybe take a go at elk with it.
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