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Cool, I didn't know there was a FN-49 club It'd be cool if this was in the Semi-auto section, where it might get some more looks. The FN49 is probably one of, if not the last "curio and relic" as-issued military arm we'll be able to get.

I have a Luxembourg 30-06 that is a joy to shoot; easily the best stock of my milsurps (K31's and VZ58 folder), as much fun to shoot as my FNAR, and as pretty (if not more so) than any Garand. Recently picked up some ancient dies for 30-06, so I'll be getting to shoot it even more now

Obligatory pics:

"I don't believe that the men of the distant past were any wiser than we are today. But it does seem that their science and technology were able to accomplish much grander things."
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