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Thanks! Good to know it is what I thought it was. I'll keep an eye on the wrist of the stock, yes indeed. I am not sure this stock is the original though; no armorer's disc and the buttplate is plastic, not brass and has no trapdoor. The wood, as I say, appears to be beech or some other blond wood that has been stained walnut. If I ever find a walnut stock for it, I'll nab it..or I may have a friend have a go with his shop, if he is willing...hmmmmm.

I should be taking her out for gas adjustment and sighting in with a couple of weeks. I am really looking forward to it.

Glad I found this place.

I saw a number of these at a gun show some time ago; they were running around 800 dollars apiece. I did not check to see if they were Egyptian or not.

"We sound our horns for our Patron's grace:
Guard and guide us upon the Chase.
May our hearts be filled with strength and cheer,
And our hunts yield game through all the year."

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