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A dynamic shooting event (SD/HD) is VERY fast paced. Any position used must BALANCE speed and stability for the shot at hand and use of avail cover.

The cpl handgun fights ive been in have all been from a standing position. Just no time to get into any other position. My last was at a measured 48 yards. Could i have gone kneeling and gotten better accuracy... Sure. But, i didnt and the results were adequate to stop the fight.

All of my rifle encounters (Overseas) ive either gone kneeling behind cover or been shooting from a vehicle.

I dont like sitting, its just not fast enough to get out of for my liking.

Prone has advantages if no higher solid cover is avail or you need to hit at extended ranges. Again, all of mine have been fairly close range affairs. Ive never had to engage a person farther away then about 100yds. So, ive never gone prone for real.

Get behind something solid and getting REASONABLE hits FAST is much better then getting a super solid position and making the perfect hit. Just MHO...
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