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Actually I find the Kronenbourg a lot more finicky to work with than the Shotmarker, at least the system we use. Kronenbeorg has several systems they sell.

The system we use works the exact same way as the Shotmarker in a the regard it has 4 sensors one on each corner of the target that determine shot placement. On the shooters end you have only the basic high power and F class NRA targets to choose from. You have to designate the caliber as .223 or .30 cal in the setup, there are no other choices. In our matches anything 250 or smaller is called 223 and anything between .250 and .30 is 30 cal. Target setup is much more complex and it only works with the Kronenbeorg tablet. There is no save or export option so if you want a pic of your target you have to use your phone to do so. The transmitter and receiver use antennas on poles that are line of sight and finicky to place. The battery packs for the target line and firing line weigh about 50 pounds each. Each target costs seven or eight times as much as the Shotmarker to purchase. Spare parts are expensive and must be imported. I think they are setting up a US distributer this year. Connectors have a very fine line between too tight and too loose and everything has to be connected in a certain order or you can damage the system. Coil the fiber optic connecting cables too tight and they are ruined. Other than all that it works fine lol.

Edit - I agree on the X ring comment. We have one or two members that take these little club matches a bit too seriously in my opinion. For me it is all fun whether I score a 197 or a 179, I still have a great time
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