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ADs & embarrassments....

ADs or NDs are serious with holsters, but many times it's more annoying or a cause of embarrassment.

In the late 1990s, I went to a popular hot dog restaurant outside of Pittsburgh PA with my cousin. I was wearing my Aker shoulder holster and didn't want to take my weapon inside. It was only concealed by my heavy coat. I secured my pistol, a 96D .40 and got out of the small car. When I took my coat off to remove my shoulder rig, I could swear EVERY restaurant patron by the windows stared directly at me! There was no discreet way to take my holster off. Lol.

I'm glad that in my mostly 2A + state, new laws were put in to allow license holders to not get in any legal trouble if their gear or firearms are exposed like that. Wind, bad weather or some other factor may expose a holstered weapon.

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