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Keltec P32 with 8 loaded with Underwood plus p.

The LCP originia, the LCP Gen 2 (currently still in production) and LCP ll.

To see the actional differences go here and Plug in both models to compare the LCP and the LCP ll compared to the Keltec. There are differences in lenghth, width (0.75" 0.82" , height. I could post the pics myself, but this is the only forum with these kind of rules that you cannot. Sorry.

I would be interest in the LCP 22 if it had a trigger like the Gen 2. Not interested in a LCPll trigger. Also would not pay over $150.00 for one.

Saw a price today for the LCP22 at $299.00. Lol, man that is insane for that gun.

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