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Well, historically, the time is when they ask for your weapons.

The Spartans died refusing that request. The citizens of Gonzales survived but the troops at the Alamo and Goliad didn’t.

We’re in a “green men” soft war phase with the oligarchs that have massive sway over our government now where they try to militarily submit us while pretending no war is going on.

The Virginia thing is just the first step. We’ve already seen obscene gun laws in many states that were passed but the actual enforcement continued to look the other way and so we all continued to pretend this was the result of representative government. Now, Virginia is going to take this to the next level and attempt only token enforcement of these laws - and if they get no pushback, the next step is targeted enforcement - and the targets won’t be the people involved in what we conceive as traditional gun crime. It is going to be the members of this forum.

That’s my current impression. On the plus side, I’ve argued for the past 15+ something years here that the statement of the guy above was crazy. I sure hope younger me is right.
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