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Originally Posted by Hawg View Post
You're calling 25 grains a couple of shots? It's my normal load for a .36 and 5-10 grains short for a .44 load.
Have settled on 25 grs for my .36's also. Figure I'll get 1 or 2 full power loads from what's left of the Goex but most likely end up with half a charge when the flask runs dry. Probably top that chamber off with the Pyro P or pull the cylinder and dump the little bit of Goex into the Pyro flask. Can't bring myself to waste powder just dumping it on the ground.

Thanks to all for your replies. I thought I had read suggestions of priming Pyrodex loads with a little black powder.

Have a friend who is trying to duplicate .44-40 loads. 40 grs. of Goex 2F chronos too slow while 3F is too hot. He's thinking of blending some 3f with 2F to match early load data. Yes... he could load 1 more grain of 2F or 1 less of 3F but he is a stickler for authenticity. I only mention him as he is the fussiest smokeless powder reloader I know but is not afeared of possibly blending black powder. I suppose he could buy a higher grade powder to better match black from the early 1900's.
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