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Originally Posted by JohnKSa View Post
This is still literally a matter of life and death, even for you. If the person shooting next to you at the range drops their firearm and it discharges with the muzzle pointing at you, all the training you received at the Academy won't help you a bit. This is a very important point.
I was thinking precisely the same thing. I've never dropped a firearm, but I have certainly dropped (or knocked over) other items I never ended to upend, like a coffee cup, dishes or a wine glass. Stuff happens.

More to the point, in the range we have everything from experts to beginners, and it stands to reason that beginners might need time to get comfortable. Handling a live firearm for the first few times isn't necessarily an easy thing to get used to, especially with a .357 going off in the lane to one side and an AR hammering away on the other. I've never actually asked a range officer if he's seen firearms get dropped (I will ask next time), but I suspect it happens occasionally, even among experienced shooters.

So yeah, drop safety is exceedingly important, no matter how highly one regards one's own infallibility.
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