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Last, there is Sig's weaseling about with regard to both the Dallas PD, and the 'voluntary upgrade'. They CT officer was injured in January, and they evidently fixed the trigger in the MHS trials - yet when DPD contacted them, they insisted they were overreacting to standard boilerplate in the manual. Had Omaha Outdoors not posted that video, would Sig have ever even acknowledged the problem?
The thing that irks me about that is here in Texas, the lawyer would have to make a demand on SIG before he could sue under a tort claim (basically, he'd have to give SIG a chance to make it right before filing a lawsuit). I don't know Connecticut law; but on the same day that lawsuit got filed, SIG issued a press release stating there "There have been zero (0) reported drop-related P320 incidents in the U.S. commercial market." So, to me, it seems highly probable SIG received a demand letter advising them of the officer's drop-related injury and his belief it was due to a defect in the P320 before that press release or DPD memo came out.

So, SIG was either 1) completely unaware of a lawsuit being filed that same day; 2) aware of the lawsuit but weasel-worded the "U.S. commercial market" aspect; or 3) flat out lied.
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