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As an aside, if the underlying issue is a lawyer convincing a jury that the shooter cooked up "the most deadly handload possible" what would the same lawyer do if the same shooter carried something like Cor-Bon or Buffalo Bore. I could see some lawyer arguing the same issue, "No, the killer couldn't be satisfied with plain old Winchester or Remington, he had to have what is advertised to have the most power and make the biggest hole".....
I guess that was my original line of thought. If I purposefully go to the store and purchase a load specially designed for self defense, isn't that hammering a nail into my own coffin? A lawyer can come after me and say I premeditatedly went to the store and purchased this "man killing ammo." If my lawyer can't defend me against that, there's no chance he could portray my reloading as innocent.

I thought it was interesting as I poured over the other threads regarding the topic the variety of views presented. One thing that stood out to me was a post by Buzz_knox. He posed this line of questioning that I think applies very well.

March 6, 2008

The issues with handloaded ammo are:

1. can you really make it more reliable than factories?

2. if using hollowpoints, do you fully understand the design so you understand the velocities required for the bullet to function properly? Are you chronographing regularly to insure you are matching those velocities?

3. are you saving all records of what components you used (including lot numbers) as well as saving rounds from each batch to serve as exemplars? Hopefully, if you did save actual rounds, you seal and certify the rounds to establish they were made long before you ever needed to use them as evidence. Factories retain this kind of information, because the ammunition they produce may end up in court, and they need to be able to explain its characteristics. If your ammunition leaves unusually low powder residue (in the eyes of a forensics examiner), your self-defense shooting might be interpreted as occurring further away than you indicated in your sworn report. They might believe you lied, and are deserving of further "attention."

4. Do you have a legitimate and rational reason for using handloads versus factory ammuntion, and can you articulate that reason?
Ultimately I think if you're screwed, you're screwed. If any one of us are brought to court for a self defense shooting, its not going to matter what you are carrying. You just shot a man and you're going to have to live with that for the rest of your life. That always is floating in the back my mind as I carry.
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