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The medical records part is specifically worded to INCLUDE any and all records from mental health professionals, And includes "periodic reviews" in the future, in order to determine if you are still qualified to own a semiautomatic assault rifle. The periodicity is not specified, but it is open ended, so that "the state" will have access to your private medical records for the rest of your life (or possibly only as long as you own a semiautomatic assault rifle.

To me, this would seem to violate the HIPPA laws, and at the least the medical confidentiality of you and your doctor's relationship.

To the best of my knowledge, at this time, this part of the law has not yet been implemented. And, I do not think the WA medical community is generally aware it even exists.

I'm fairly sure there would be a huge uproar from the medical community, if/when they do implement it.

And, I'm also sure that once the word gets out that seeing a doctor can get your guns taken away, there will be a bit of lost business for the mental health professionals as well.

Lots of people both gun owners and non-gun owners are going to be very unhappy, especially if their first inkling such a law even exists is when the govt implements it.
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