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To the OP, which rifle are you asking about, specifically? The only "LE" on the site at this point is their chassis stock. Are you referring to the older 110 FP or FCP?

To Bates: I would ask what's the intended role? The 110 pred appears to have the barrel off their "tactical" rifles (a little heavier with fluting), but not the rail scope mount nor the AI magazine interface. I will say that I have a 110 tac in 308 and I love it. I haven't found its favourite load, though it does pretty well with the 168 SMKs I've fed it. Hoping to get a little better with some heavier bullets, starting at 175. My purpose was a paper/steel puncher out to 1000yds, but didn't want to have ANOTHER caliber I needed to stock. The rifle is well balanced and has some adjustability options in stock and LOP. The accustock helps to keep the front end from bending/flexing under bipod preloading and sitting in bags. It isn't a light rifle, but I wouldn't feel overburdened if I went hunting with it, provided I wasn't trying to hike 10 miles in and pack out an elk those same 10 miles.

I can't say that I've had a lot of experience with Remington. I had a 750 (or whatever the number was after the 783), which I promptly got rid of, but other than that I've pulled the trigger maybe 5 times on a friend's 700. Felt okay, but I also couldn't tell you what model it was. It had a plastic stock and hunting barrel (see: pencil/thin), so it was pretty standard.
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