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I have one ....10FP or p or one of those ..would have to look......308 fat barrel..20moa rail...8.5-32x50 one of those choate varmint stocks that replaced the factory plastic one

Scarry accurate...really likes 175 nosler bullets...pretty consistently well under moa

They are a little heavy but that is OK ....I really like this rifle

Have an older 110 tactical in 7mag...its still in factory plastic has adjustable trigger...not accutriger...the 308 does have the accutrigger.....I like them both...accutrigger maybe just a tad is really accurate too...I just love to hear the 7 boom when it goes off....makes me

Local GS had the same rifle as my 308 in 223 a while ago....I looked at it a couple times....and have kicked myself in the but more than once for not bringing it home

Both of mine are great guns....I dont think you would go wrong with one of them

My .02

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