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As I alluded to previously, I much enjoy many of your posts and I apologize if at times I have responded to you rather arrogantly/harshly on this current topic. I also cannot deny the very real possibility that on top of everything else readers may say about me, my being a bit of a blow-hard “internet expert” may not be totally incorrect.

However, I nonetheless continue to feel compelled to point out that it has become apparent to me that the reason you and I carry a gun are NOT the SAME as you seem to contend.

When I carry surreptitiously, It is not because I need to “pass through quite a few checkpoints where they actually were looking for and asking if you had weapons or things of the such” or because I inherently think I’m “limited to a third line back up gun” as you previously stated.

These days, I occasionally have to carry surreptitiously because the consequences of not doing so will almost certainly result in terribly negative and immediate consequences to either my or somebody else's health and wellbeing.

These days, I am at times required to work with potentially homicidal and/or suicidal individuals in close proximity and absent important security barriers between myself and said individuals and/or their associates.

What YOU seem to be missing and/or fighting is that in many situations size really does matter and a magic holster just ain’t gonna cut it! It is foolish to think your crotch area isn’t going to be assessed.

I can provide for you numerous ways in which that can and is done including physical contact and metal detection devices applied in non-conventional approaches.

For me, the Seecamp, and more recently, a NAA Mini revolver, and a few other guns of the type, are all, third line, last ditch guns. Those type guns are really not what you want to be carrying as a primary gun, and theres really no need to do so.

Unless of course, thats what you want to do. And Im perfectly fine with that, your life is your worry, and isnt my concern. We all do what we think is best for ourselves.

Ain’t a choice of what "you want to be carrying.” I prefer a good, reliable, semi-automatic rifle for combat situations; certainly not a “tiny ass little last ditch firearms” as you described.

But when something larger stands a very realistic chance of getting you and/or somebody else killed rather than saying your life or somebody else’s life, that’s what you use.

Sorry, your faith in magic holsters only tells me you have no real street experience.

Peace and love!
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