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Originally Posted by zoo View Post

Indeed. And at the risk of sounding terribly over dramatic, errors on my part meant the very real possibility of losing my life rather than as in your situation just a job.
The reason I carry a gun, and a realistic one at that, is for the same reason as you. You just seem to think youre limited to a third line back up gun to do it. Youre not. Thats all Im saying.

Originally Posted by zoo View Post
Yeah, plenty of buffoons wearing badges out there including the ones who got Robin Ahrens killed. Cops are not necessarily the gold standard. I'm not particularly impressed with your analogy regarding whatever the heck point you were trying to make with that comment.

I wasn't trying to tell you that your model 26 or 17 couldn't be concealed under the right circumstances. Only that you're lying to yourself and anyone listening it you don't appreciate the advantages of a ACTUAL concealable weapon.
My point with the cops is, they are generally more aware and paying better attention than your average person. May not be the gold standard, but its a lot higher standard than your average citizen or person lost in their phone.

Ive passed through quite a few "checkpoints" where they actually were "looking" for, and asking if you had weapons or things of the such, and walked right on through. And more often than not, that was with my 17 or another full sized handgun on under my shirt.

What you seem to be missing, and/or fighting is, that while the Seecamp is small, size isnt always the thing that makes things work. Theres more to things than just size.

You also seem to be missing the point that I carry my 26, in the EXACT same place, and in the EXACT same way and conditions, as I did my Seecamp. And it works the same, and under ALL circumstances, short of a Speedo, and I doubt the Seecamp would work there too.

I also work a very physical job, and play the same way when Im off. Im not sitting/hiding behind a desk or steering wheel, or standing statue still, hoping to make things work, Im constantly moving around all day, doing all sorts of physical things, and more often than not, in close contact with people, doing things together. And all that in pretty much any environment/venue you can come up with.

The reason why I carry the 26 over the Seecamp is, its a much more realistic gun, thats easier to get a hold of in a hurry, has a set of realistic sights on the gun and is much easier to shoot well with. And shoots like a full size gun and at pretty much all the same distances. It can also have the same capacity as my 17, with a simple mag change. It gives me a MUCH better chance, if Im unlucky enough to have to need it. Isnt that the whole point of the gun you choose?

For me, the Seecamp, and more recently, a NAA Mini revolver, and a few other guns of the type, are all, third line, last ditch guns. Those type guns are really not what you want to be carrying as a primary gun, and theres really no need to do so.

Unless of course, thats what you want to do. And Im perfectly fine with that, your life is your worry, and isnt my concern. We all do what we think is best for ourselves.

Im just as worried as you about losing my life, but I just choose to use a more realistic tool(s) for the job. And I do that on a daily basis, anywhere there isnt a metal detector.

If youve never used one, and are as concerned as you say, I highly suggest you give a Smart Carry a try. Youll be amazed at how well they work, and with what. And you ARE NOT limited to last ditch guns.

Blade-Techs "Ambi Klipt", and things like Suarez's "Gunfighter" AIWB also work very well for the full sized guns. I highly recommend them too.
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