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Originally Posted by Cosmodragoon View Post
If they released a six-shot .32 H&R magnum LCR on the lighter frame, it might appeal to some people. Before the LCR came out in .327 Federal, I'd actually been hunting around for one of the older alloy J-frames in .32 H&R magnum. This might be an emotional throwback to when six-shooters were the norm but I feel much better with six shots than I do with five.

Of course, that's a novelty that'll never happen. I'm still waiting for the 3" LCRX to come out in .327 Federal. The magnum frame has been available for a while now. I figured for sure that they'd have a .327 version out by Christmas. Sadly, not a peep. Every time I get a Ruger newsletter in my inbox, I wonder if that'll be the day...
Ruger does seem to have put a halt on adding any more models to their established lines, instead releasing the Wrangler and "Super" GP100. They have about reached the limit with the number of chamberings they can offer for their revolvers, but they could do more with all the LCR's, not just the aluminum ones. I personally would like to see a 5 or 6 inch longer barrel in the .22 LR and Magnums, maybe even the .357.

I get the sense that Ruger is planning some surprises for SHOT next month, they've haven't made much of a splash at SHOT in years, it's like they're almost forgotten about in the professional gun media.

I too like the old fashioned 6 shooter in a revolver, but a 5 shot has its place. I bought the Taurus Public Defender earlier this year and really like how slim it is compared to a Governor. If the .32 revolver starts to grow in popularity with CCW, maybe somebody will look at making an I frame size revolver again for a 5 shot .32 Mag or S&W Long. Whichever can be made smaller and lighter.
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