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...Then Don't buy the Buffalo Bore, or any other boutique manufacturer's 380acp claiming to be +P because as per SAAMI specifications there is no such thing!
True. There is no SAAMI spec for .380+P.........But, exceeding the maximum pressure limits for .380 under SAAMI specs gives you...."+P" in common parlance.

They are either loading their ammo in excess of SAAMI acceptable pressure, or are just using the term +P for advertising hype.
Or both.

Look through the specs for all the major ammo makers, and you will see that under the industry standard, Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI), they are all within a few fps in velocity.
First, only SAAMI members have to abide by SAAMI specs.
Abiding by SAAMI specs just means you abide by SAAMI specs. Take for instance THE REST OF THE WORLD........THE REST OF THE WORLD that adopted a different standardization, like CIP in Europe.
Heck, even the US military uses their own testing protocol that while close to SAAMI...isn't SAAMI. And then there's NATO.

SAAMI AIN'T THE BOSS OF US! says Buffalo Bore and other ammunition manufacturers that choose to load at higher pressures than SAAMI.

So like I said, nobody makes the "hottest".
And you are wrong. Flat wrong.
There are licensed ammunition manufacturers in the US and around the world legally producing .380acp/9x17/etc "hotter" than SAAMI specs for ".380"......five minutes on Google will show you plenty of .380 loadings that exceed SAAMI "hotter".
Therefore your first post was incorrect and unhelpful.
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